Most manufacturers are aware that global manufacturing offers a powerful means of reducing costs, expanding capacities and increasing profitability. They also know it isn't easy. It takes time, resources and expertise . . . and that's where MicronPT  comes in. We deliver a turn-key global manufacturing solution that allows you to recognize cost savings quickly and with a significant reduction in risk as you are dealing with a well recognized machine shop in the region.

Cost Reduction
  We offer significant manufacturing cost savings versus developed countires'  manufacturing, driven by labour and Overhead advantages. Cost savings achieved will vary depending on manufacturing process employed and the level of labour/machining required.

Capacity Expansion
  Adding new equipment and maintaining older equipment is a very capital intensive proposition for many  manufacturers. Outsourcing manufacturing of custom parts allows companies to expand their capacity without having to incurr the cost and risk associated with increasing production assets. It also makes it possible to ramp up manufacturing fast, because the equipment and skills are in place and ready to go.

Time and Risk Reduction
  A significant amount of time and effort is required to establish a global manufacturing operation, particularly in Asia. 

We work  with our customers  in real time. We take ownership of the parts and accountability for ensuring that your quality parts are delivered on time and at the right price.

Going global with the manufacturing of your custom parts and assemblies means taking your operations to a new level. To make this transition smoothly and successfully, you need a manufacturing partner you can trust . . . and that partner is none other than MicronPT.

Cost saving achieved in Asia will vary significantly based on process and the level of labour required.